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Nursery Quilted Play-time Mat With Pillow - Zoo Print- Blue

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My Milestones abstract Zoo - Nursery play-mat with the pillow. Made from 100% cotton satin+ Muslin fabric the mat is super soft and comfortable for baby to sit and play. It is Machine washable. The comfort floor mat is quilted from 100% cotton Muslin and satin and provides a soft, cushioned surface on the floor for your little one.

This adorable play mat features a brightly colored zoo animal design and is perfectly sized, making it ideal for playtime, tummy-time and nap time. It features a soft comfort pillow that provides a headrest for your baby during nap time and can be used as a tummy-time pillow too.

• Cushioned Quilted surface ensures a soft landing for rolling, tumbling, and falls
• Comfort pillow for headrest
• Simply lay it out in bedrooms, living rooms, playrooms, or any other surface.
• Easy to fold and take along
• Suitable for ages 0-12 months
• Machine wash and dry
• Measures 40*40 inches

Manufactured in India

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