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Baby Safety Child Proofing Electrical Socket Plug Outlet Cover Guard - 6pc Set

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  • Are designed especially for Indian house-hold electrical outlets.
  • Quick, safe & easy way to protect your toddler/kids from accidents and prevent electrocution! The good round outlet plugs keep children away from electric hazards, keeping babies safe.
  • It is durable, non-toxic and safe for use.
  • Our electrical power wall outlet covers will keep your baby safe, even if you are not in the same room.

Home is a place to play and enjoy for kids once they are mobile. All parents would like to protect their kids from potential hazards at home and make their home as safe as possible to prevent injury to the child. As your child is growing, you may actually need to add new home safety measures to your childproofing list to stay one step ahead of your active toddler.

My milestones home safety electrical outlet covers are designed especially for indian house-hold electrical outlets. Protect your child from exposed electrical outlets and prevent them from inserting their fingers or other objects therein. All my milestones home safety products are durable, non-toxic and safe for use.

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